Austrian born and Bristol-based Jazz vocalist, pianist and songwriter Lil Maxine gives rise to an unmistakable sound of her own. Mellow, soulful, and progressive, she flirts with balladic sounds and tight grooves, and tells timeless stories of love, longing and hope.

Lil’s journey as a jazz vocalist began growing up immersed in the sounds of her parents’ eclectic music collection. Finding herself captivated at the young age of seventeen, she started performing and writing her own songs. At twenty-one Lil embraced Vienna’s independent art scene in which her burgeoning vocal talent was able to grow and blossom through inspiring collaborations with diverse artists within jazz, improvised music and theatre.

Her debut album ‘A Little Girl’s Lovesongs’ (2016) established Lil as a “highly regarded vocalist and songwriter” (Jazzpodium Magazin), receiving radio play on national shows in Austria and Germany. Her most recent body of work expands her emotive world of jazz-infused songs. With a passion for exploring the tension between the light and darkness of our human condition, Lil brings us back home to the truth and wonder of our existence.