Lil Maxine
A Little Girl's Lovesongs

Question 6 out of 12
It's a line from the track Say Goodbye, which, among other things, is about definitive goodbyes. Accepting the finality of that, wich is, and the fact that it's often not that, which could or should have been.

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press & booking
„Eine interessante Newcomerin unter den österreichischen Jazzsängerinnen.“
Andreas Felber, Ö1 Jazztime live, April 2016

"Music that is seductive, expressive, always pared-down, yet rich in 'song-ful' details."
Jazzthing REVIEW PLUS, Olaf Maikopf, June 2016

"This ‘little Maxine’ has the volume, vocal scale and grandeur that many ‘great’ singers lack."
Jazzpodium, Rainer Bratfisch, June 2016

"A pleasantly restrained record that convinces with knowing, subtly fractured, elegantly crafted compositions."
Hifi Stars, WV, June 2016

"A voice that is at times reminiscent of Kate Bush in her middle-range and at other times of none other than Lil Maxine herself."
Westzeit, Karsten Zimalla, May 2016

"The band abandons itself to the sort of communal levitation one would not expect from such a freshly formed combo."
Westzeit, Karsten Zimalla, May 2016

"Stylistically, Lil Maxine attributes the notions of ‘heart beat and soul’ to her music, a mixture she pulls off well. This is meticulously structured, superbly performed and improvisation-enriched modern jazz that captivates the ear. It doesn’t just beat familiar stereotypes, but is also suffused with a clever, narrative tranquility."
Kulturnews Platten, jn, May 2016

"“If there ever was a torch song in its pure form, this is it."
Victoriah Szirmai, April 2016

"Multifaceted and in no way little-girlish."
Helmut Blecher,, April 2016

"A trio of bass, drums and a singing pianist. Lil Maxine is her name and we are bound to hear more of her."
Ohrenschmauch, Na dann...Münster, April 2016

"A collection of captivating songs of a refined sound."
Michael Ternai, MICA, March 2016